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3 Coffee Shop Customer Complaints That Could Be Down to Your Espresso Machine

Customer complaints are part and parcel of owning a business, but they're not always unavoidable. If your coffee shop customers seem to have a lot of negative things to say about your business, your espresso machine could be the culprit. Here are 3 common complaints that could be solved by addressing your coffee maker.

"My Shot is Too Small and Tastes Bad"

Customers who visit coffee shops every day tend to have very particular ideas of what makes the perfect espresso. However, if multiple patrons have complained that your espresso shots are too small, too watery or bitter tasting, you shouldn't necessarily dismiss the criticism as fussiness. The issue could be that your coffee machine isn't calibrated correctly. The grinder, dose and water quantity should all be checked daily to make sure they're consistent. If you're not calibrating your machine before each shift because you don't know how, call in an espresso machine repairs professional who can teach you how to do so quickly and easily.

"I Got Sick After Visiting You"

When patrons complain of sickness or food poisoning after visiting you, your first concern may be that the breads and pastries you're serving have been contaminated. While this is a possibility, many coffee shop workers are unaware of another potential source of contamination: mould in your espresso machine. The hot, damp environment of a coffee maker is the perfect environment for mould to grow in, and it can spread rapidly if you don't keep your machine meticulously clean. If you suspect a mould problem, purchase a cleaning solution from your manufacturer and follow the instructions to backflush the machine. If it's been a very long time since your machine's been cleaned, you might need a professional's help to fully remove all traces of mould and mildew. Once the mould is gone, keep it at bay by wiping down the whole espresso machine between shifts.

"Your Wait Times are Too Long"

At busy periods like breakfast and lunch time, coffee shop wait times will always be a little on the long side. However, if customers are annoyed that they wait longer in your coffee shop than they do in others, your espresso machine could be dispensing coffee too slowly. This can be caused by numerous problems. Lack of regular cleaning, for example, can cause oil to clog the baskets and filter, making it hard for coffee to get through. Alternatively, your grind could be packed too tightly to allow water through at a sufficient rate. Slow dispensing can also be caused by a problem with the machine itself, stuck as a breakdown in one of the pumps or valves. If you can't get to the bottom of the slow dispensing, call in a repair professional to identify and fix the problem.