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Using a Food Display Cabinet: 4 Top Tips

Once you have taken the time to prepare delicious food for your customers, you will want to get it out on display so they can purchase it. However, you may notice that sometimes your customers aren't buying the food as quickly as you expected. If you know that the food is high-quality, it is likely to be your presentation skills which are letting you down and decreasing sales. Investing in an attractive food display cabinet can help to show your products off at their best while also helping to keep them chilled and fresh. Below are 4 top tips for using a food display cabinet:

Don't overfill it

When you plug in and power up your food display cabinet, it can be very tempting to cram it full of fresh food. However, this can create an overcrowded and cluttered look which isn't very pleasing to the eye. You should carefully select the food you wish to display in the cabinet to ensure it does not become crowded. A simple display will be far more attractive, and by creating the impression of scarcity, you can further drive up your sales.

Create a logical arrangement

Although you should focus on colour, it is also important that your food is also displayed in a logical manner. For example, you should never place savoury and sweet dishes on the same shelf. No matter how appealing either dish is, the combination of the two type of food on the same shelf is likely to put off any potential customers. You should also ensure that vegetarian food is kept on a separate shelf from any which contain meat.

Use colour

The colour of food is one of the biggest tools you have in terms of capturing customers attention. You should ensure that your food display cabinet is well-lit with several lamps. You may also wish to place the most brightly coloured items of food close to the front of the cabinet, so they attract your customer's attention.

Add different levels

If your food display cabinet does not already contain adjustable shelving which can be positioned at different levels, you can easily make your own. Simply remove the existing glass shelves and use cake stands and boxes to display your food at different heights. The variety of heights will make your display look more attractive and can help to increase your sales.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of investing in a food display cabinet, you should contact an appliance sales company today. Click here to learn more about refrigerated cake display cabinets!